Our Staff


Wayne Douchkoff

Wayne’s passion is the outdoors, whether  it’s exploring, learning or teaching others.  As a guide and educator on the Suncoast of Southwest Florida, his joy comes from helping others have an ‘aha’ moment.  Having led over 600 trips and instructed over 1,000 paddlers, Wayne has plenty of experience when it comes to paddling.  Besides being an ACA/BCU instructor/coach, he holds multiple certifications and is an instructor in the University of Florida Master Naturalist Program.  Best described as a lifelong learner, he isn’t leaving this world until he learns everything!


Kim Munshower

Kim’s passion for nature was nurtured by camping trips, canoeing, exploring and playing in the woods and lake near her childhood home.  She loves sharing the awe inspiring creation around her and teaching others to be a good steward of the Earth.  Her desire to share Florida’s natural treasures, keeps her busy as a volunteer in Florida/ State Parks and County Preserves.  Kim currently works as an ecotour quide, kayak guide and instructor while raising her three children in Seminole, FL.  She wants to share her passion to protect, restore, explore and share the wild places of Florida.

Jill Mosteller

Jill is a certified kayak instructor, trip leader, and guide.  She’s led numerous trips around the Tampa Bay area, as well as guided expeditions through the San Juan and Gulf Islands in the Pacific Northwest.  Her kayaking adventures include Baja, Belize, Georgian Bay, the Na Pali Coast, and soon to be Portugal.  Currentl, she serves as President of the Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers Club (TBSK), a nonprofit that promotes training and fun paddling opportunities throughout the area.  

She participates in training future Florida kayak trip leaders in state parks, those visually impaired, in addition to family, friends and TBSK members. Promoting connection and development with the self, the paddle, and kayak within our beautiful waterways and nature brings her joy.